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Holly Afghani

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For over 25 years Holly Afghani has had a passion for the artistic, diagnostic, creative and corrective aspects of hair care and hair trends. A seasoned stylist, her forte lies in creating the look you love, and then coaching you to create it yourself at home with tips to make it easier for you to archive the style! From the wash to the cut, to specialty color or straightening, the total look, your total look as a common goal. I am excited and ready to help you and will continue to keep up with the latest and best trends for your fashion needs.


Men's haircut - $55 and pup

Men's color - $65 and up

Women's cut and blow - $85 and up

Women's blow dry - $55 and up

Which ironing - $65 and up

Smudge - $85

Toner - $50 and up

Color correction - $100 per hour

Full highlight - $150 and up

Partial HL - $120 ad up

Balayage - $200 and up

Conditioner - $30 and up

Straightening - $300 and up

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