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About Decarra

Decarra opened its doors in 2013, and since then has grown into a thriving salon with dedicated stylists. Each has a broad clientele, each with specific and unique styling needs. Come meet our team, shop our professional product lines and Decarra Boutique!

About Merrilee

In 2013, Merrilee McLain, a long-legged six foot blonde in high heels who is always surrounded by a jam of clients, opened Decarra. In the incredibly competitive world of owning a salon in Woodland Hills, Merrilee is entirely focused on the individual heads of her many clients. Raised in Manhattan Beach, she grew up a true California girl. After beauty school, Merrilee began her career with as an assistant to Joseph Furie at his salon. Merrilee stayed with there until she was introduced to stylist Allen Edwards and made the switch to his salon. This was her first real exposure to the rigors of large salon demands and perfectionist performance expectations. When Allen shut his doors, Merrilee saw the opportunity to open hers. Taking the leap to open Decarra Salon is Merrilee's expression of the heartfelt gratitude she has toward her beloved clients—for all the joy, comfort and satisfaction she has received from them over the years. Merrilee has two amazing kids and a deeply supportive husband, all of whom have helped make the possibility of Decarra Salon become reality. They have a precious Great Dane as well as a horse, and as a family are very involved with military veterans. With love and gratitude, Merrilee presents Decarra Salon!

Our Expertise

Each stylist at Decarra is hand picked and trained within Decarra's walls. Each goes through an assistant program and then eventually moves up to stylist. You can always count on Decarra to provide the highest quality work. Decarra offers any hair service you can think of, at the best quality. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment!


Decarra's Team and Interior 

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