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Joanna Cruz


In high school, you would’ve found Joanna doing someone’s braids during lunch. Styling hair was always something she was passionate about, but she never thought of making a living out of it. When she was in college, she wanted to take the medical field route, but being a hairstylist was always in her heart. She made a tough decision and left college to go to Cosmetology school. She’s been doing hair professionally for over 14 years now. She’s been trained by the best, some of who include the hairstylists she works with. Joanna specializes in balayage and styling ranging from updo’s, braids, Hollywood glam waves to the messy boho-chic carefree waves.



Blowout - $55 and up

Updo - $100 and up

Women’s Haircut - $85 and up

Men’s Haircut - $55 and up

Base Color / Retouch - $85 and up

Full Highlights - $150 and up

Partial Highlights - $125 and up

Balayage - $250 and up

Keratin Treatment - $350 and up

Conditioning Treatment - $30 and up

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